Competition winner May 2021-Jackson Chik
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Benji & Kafupi

These two delightful "Bullies" now sit in the foyer of a beautiful, exclusive boutique hotel in Cape Town.  This proud and very talented Matric Art Student could not be happier and this offered encouragement for him to continue with his creative endeavours. A mixed medium of spray paint, charcoal and  candle Smoke. The idea of graffiti contrasts with the beauty of natural life. We think this is so exciting and look forward to many more success stories from this young artist.  

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Faces in Acrylic

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A Grade 6 piece, painted by an 11 year old, now has Pride of Place on a Feature Wall. With this piece, the buyer has bought the memories of her home in Africa into an informal lounge, in Europe. A simple frame, engulfing the vibrant colours, flanked by two wooden sculptures, together with the mask-like face epitomizes Africa!