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Unique Digital artistically created album covers

These album covers are created by two young Visual Communications Students from South Africa.  They cleverly create these artworks whilst listening to a particular song.  The focus is on "unique" mark making methods and many different mediums and techniques are used. Prior to creating these, Elizabeth and Anna completed a number of exercises to research and learn various techniques enabling them to implement design elements and principles within Applied Illustration Design, Art Direction and Multimedia and integrate skills from computer design practice(CDP).  This leads to a better understanding of the Creative Process and generate ideas and solutions.  These are sold as limited high quality prints which could be a funky new collectors item.  These talented young women, will also design a bespoke album cover for any buyer who has a favourite and meaningful song which they would like illustrated in this way.  

High quality, expertly printed A2 limited edition album covers are available for sale for $28 each.  A bespoke album cover designed especially for a customer will command a price of $38.  Drop us an email should you be interested!

Elizabeth Meyer - shells.JPG.jpg

 Mark making and collagraph, then photoshopped into an A3 Print.  Limited signed and numbered prints of these have been made by this young artist. Sold as a high resolution print. $25