How it all Works.

What is it

  • An online Gallery creating a nurtured platform for school / college  students  to display, market and sell their creative work, enabling them to gain exposure and experience the thrill of recognised achievement.  Other unique and talented unknown artists will also be considered.  

  • The the-art-room will host artwork, in all forms designed and created by students in a range of studios. The aim of the initiative is to include a broad range of schools, from primary through to the end of High School, and finally as tertiary students.

  • An opportunity for school kids to realise that art is a profession and gain much needed recognition through their creative acumen. This will also have a positive outcome reputation-ally for the schools / colleges which they attend. 

  • Art teachers will be able to incentivise students accordingly through in-school competitions etc.


How do we do this

  • The curators will create a pool of artwork through contact with school heads, art teachers, parents and students themselves, to create awareness and as such explain the opportunities afforded to kids through the-art-room gallery. When the-art-room goes to market,  we will target audiences such as hospitality, office parks, corporates, hospitals, safari lodges etc. (especially) for commissioned pieces.)

  • the-art-room will also encourage and market commissioned pieces for and on behalf of the artists, where possible in addition to the sale of their completed pieces. Logistics will be arranged directly with artists, schools or through the-art-room depending on whether pieces are sold as prints or originals.  All shipping costs will be for the buyers account but please understand these unique artworks are situated all over the world and some in remote corners in Africa, hence shipping costs will be determined upon email enquiry to purchase a piece.  This also enables us to maintain and grow a good relationship with our buyers wherever they may be.  


What does this all cost?


  • All sales revenue (excluding the-art-room commission) will be paid to the artist

  • For large volumes of work and negotiated arrangements, an “exhibition space” fee may be applicable.  Packaging costs will be for the cost of the artist. 



the-art-room initiative was created by the mother of a schoolboy who recognised the passion, effort, and life-relevance that our kids pour into their creative pieces. All curators and partners of the-art-room  understand the time spent trying out new ideas, methods, styles, the frustrations, heartache, and above all the thrill of a completed masterpiece needs to be recognised.   As such the-art-room will do their utmost to play a part in achieving the much-deserved recognition our “artists in incubation deserve!”

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