We consider ourselves very lucky to have numerous submissions from this prestigeous, country boarding school in South Africa.

Treverton College

"Where Education and Adventure meet! Situated on a unique, 270-hectare campus in the heart of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands"


Meet Debbie Allen - Head of Visual Arts at Treverton.

I am Debbie Allen, an artist, a teacher, a wife & a mum of two little girls & a chocolate Labrador named Coffee. 

I have always loved to draw and paint (at the moment mostly in oils) and thoroughly enjoy illustration, printmaking (particularly lino and etching) and ceramics.



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With a degree in Graphic Design & years of working for a number of agencies in South Africa and abroad, 

I never imagined I would leave the industry behind, but I have never looked back. There is something so fulfilling and exciting teaching High School Visual Art, working with such creative young people with fresh ideas. I have been the Art teacher at Treverton College for the past 10 years and have had the privilege of witnessing many talented students develop and go on to pursue careers in creative industries. As a teacher I believe in allowing students the opportunity to try a variety of media and artistic techniques, with the intention of discovering their preferred specialization for their Matric year, and their own personal visual style. We explore printmaking, ceramics, a variety of paint techniques, traditional and non-traditional drawing and mixed media among others. As an art teacher, your job is never too predictable or boring, although time for my own personal artwork is extremely limited (especially with young children), you are always challenged to experiment with all sorts of unusual things, from designing logos & posters for school events, to making props for Matric dances & building theatre sets. I have created life size trees with paper mache, enormous snowflakes and fairy wings, pirate ships, oversized mushrooms & hairspray cans, a 3 metre golden chinese dragon, a life sized crocodile suit,  paper birds and giant chandeliers, to name a few. I've tried out 6 metre Jackson Pollock paintings, stencil graffiti, african masks, bobble heads and Pop Art props, pyrography, and land art. I have taken art tours to Durban, Cape town and even across Europe, and explored many galleries and local art studios with my students. I have spent many hours mixing paint, firing kilns, cutting paper and drilling wood, hanging exhibitions, and the oh so endless cleanup!!!  It is an incredibly exhausting but fun journey, but I would not trade it for any other profession... (save spending my days creating my own work in my studio by the river!)

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