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Engineers make Excellent Artists

This exceptionally talented young Artist  based in Qatar, chose Engineering as a career  and has been working hard to qualify in her chosen field.  She put her art endeavours on the back burner while studying but the isolation that Lockdown has brought has re-kindled her passion and she has produced these stunning works.  She will make and excellent Engineer but we know which of her talents we prefer!!

"A small town in the mountains"

A small town in the mountains - JB[5].jp

 "Hit by the wanderlust-syndrome with nowhere to go, I decided to get back into the arts and paint the places that I want to travel to in the future. And one place that had been constantly popping up on my social-media feed was this beautiful, little village in east-central Spain called Albarracín. In selecting the colors for this piece, I chose a warm palette for the town buildings that featured a lot of orange, yellow and pink, with a contrasting light blue and lavender for the sky. While trying to make the buildings as accurate as possible to a photograph, I made sure to highlight the town's cathedral bell tower with its iconic white and blue tiled Baroque-style roof. 


Phases - JB[2].jpg-1.jpg

I was always an avid admirer of Picasso's work, especially his development of abstract cubist portraits. This piece was my take on the Picasso-style by combining surrealistic faces with line art. Each face features its own unique expressions and personality, which is where the piece's name Phases comes in. This observation is reflected by the different combinations of colours in each face. As for the coloor palette, I chose to highlight a contrasting pair of colours — green and orange — which was primarily inspired by the change in season (summer to fall). This was a particularly fun project as it was my first-time painting in an abstract style that was not based on a real-life image. My own creativity was my limit, and it was very hard to stop.

"Layers of:  Sienna"


Based on the Arizona Canyons, this piece is filled with several tones of Sienna, lightly mixed with yellows, oranges, whites and everything inbetween.  I really liked the concept of monochromatic palettes which I might continue for my next project.  This has been so much fun.