The Curators:

Two Old Pals with a love for All things Creative"


Kim and Liesa were at School together too many years ago to mention.... They are two adventurous souls that are also loud, sociable, creative and definitely slightly mad!

Kim's son studied Art as a school subject as did Liesa's daughter a few years ago and the creativity, talent and sheer blood sweat and tears that these youngsters put into their art is simply too great to ignore.  Their work is  fresh, unique and uncontaminated by the constraints of adulthood stresses and realities.  It was Kim's idea is that this talent, along with other EMERGING ARTISTS, should be given a platform with a view to recognising this untapped creativity and sharing it with a wider audience. Alongside the student art she also wishes to afford  all artists an opportunity to exhibit their pieces, and as such the-art-room opened various studios to accomodate this within the gallery.  Profits made from this project are a bonus, as the childrens' art remains the priority.


The aim of the-art-room is to offer artists a focused online Gallery to showcase and sell their inspiring works.  #the-art-room will also be focussing on disadvantaged communities, rural schools and charity groups,  where there is a world of raw, untapped talent which deserves attention recognition and assistance. Along with this comes the natural and warranted recognition of the expertise, mentorship and talent that Educators in the art schools give their learners. Kudos to all the art teachers who support and nurture these talented artists at all levels throughout  their art journey.

Liesa is a Professional Photographer based in South Africa, and Kim owns and runs a Business Consultancy with one foot in Africa and the other in Europe. Together they are an indomitable team and through their persistence, hard work and the premise of honesty and integrity, the-art-room is set to take to market, creativity of all kinds. 

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